ASE software freedom day roadshow

20th September 2014    |    09:00 AM - 01:00 PM

What Is Happening?

Members of the House4Hack hackerspace are going to ASE Tshakane on Software Freedom Day to introduce kids of the school to technology.


Demo of various projects, presentations on topics like robotics, arduino, and more.


Introductory talk on programming, and what they can achieve with code.

3D Printing

Introduce the Kids to the facinating world of 3D printing.

About ASE

African School for Excellence is a non-€profit organization developing a unique concept: a self-sustaining network of elite independent secondary schools that anyone can afford. The African School for Excellence model was designed specifically with the needs and challenges of African secondary school scholars in mind. By focusing on the key levers for quality and capitalizing on our scholars' existing strengths, we can both greatly increase quality and reduce cost, arriving at a world-class, affordable program.

Why are we doing this?

Exposing the learners at ASE to empowering technologies like 3D printing, arduino, programming, open-source software, giving them an opportunity to learn those at their own pace. The way we do this is by leaving behind electronic kits, arduino, books, PCs, software, video tutorials, and more.


Want to help the school?

The school runs on sponsorship and donations and will appreciate any donations like musical instruments, laptops, and more. But there is a immediate need for reliable internet connectivity


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